Singable Settings of Music for Mass - Psalms and Acclamations

by Kate Keefe

Let the people praise you, O God; let all the people praise you

Look no further for singable settings of the Mass, Responsorial Psalms and Responses, Alleluias and Lent Gospel Acclamations week by week round the Three Year Cycle of the Catholic Lectionary.

Psalms, Responses and Acclamations for , and 2019

Do you need a Gentle Guide to the music for Holy Week and Easter? Or want to read about the Easter Psalm 117/118 and the power of repetition? There is more to explore in Kate's blog about the Psalms and her notes on this week's music.

Finding the music you are looking for

We have music for UK and Ireland, United States and Philippines, Australia and New Zealand and Canadian Catholic congregations. We are glad to hear that congregations in other traditions also find the music useful. We also have all the Psalms for weddings from the Lectionaries for the UK and the United States. Everything is available for free download in pdf format to support singing the Mass in your church, and you can hear an electronic approximation as well - we don't have recordings, because this is music for for you to perform and bring alive. If you are looking for a particular psalm or acclamation, you can use the lists below to find it.

Responsorial Psalms and Acclamations for Holy Week and Easter

Read Kate's Gentle Guides to her music for Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter.

Responsorial Psalms

Have you ever wondered what makes a good Psalm response?

Gospel Acclamations and Alleluias

Do you know how the Lent Gospel Acclamations work? Here is the latest.

Responsorial Psalms and Acclamations for the Twelve Days of Christmas

Need a Gentle Guide to Christmas music?

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