Music for Next Sunday

Psalms for Weddings, UK and Ireland

by Kate Keefe

Let the people praise you, O God; let all the people praise you

What is available

Here is a small collection of Responsorial Psalms and Gospel Acclamations for Weddings and Nuptial Masses, following the suggestions in the Lectionary. We also have settings for the US and Philippines. If we don't have the psalm you are looking for, I am very happy to set one – just send me an e-mail!

Read what Kate writes about this week's music or explore our music for UK and Ireland.

Responsorial Psalms

PDFs and MP3s
RefrainSheet MusicSound
The Lord is my ShepherdPsalm 22 Listen to Psalm 22
Psalm 22 Compact
The Lord fills the earth with his lovePsalm 32 Wedding Listen to Psalm 32 Wedding
Psalm 32 Wedding Compact
I will bless the Lord at all timesPsalm 33 Wedding Listen to Psalm 33 Wedding
Psalm 33 Wedding Compact
The Lord is compassion and lovePsalm 102 Wedding Listen to Psalm 102 Wedding
Psalm 102 Wedding Compact
Happy the man who takes delight in the Lord's commandsPsalm 111 Wedding Listen to Psalm 111 Wedding
Psalm 111 Wedding Compact
O blessed are those who fear the LordPsalm 127 Wedding Listen to Psalm 127 Wedding
Psalm 127 Wedding Compact
How good is the Lord to all IPsalm 144 Wedding I Listen to Psalm 144 Wedding I
Psalm 144 Wedding I Compact
How good is the Lord to all IIPsalm 144 Wedding II Listen to Psalm 144 Wedding II
Psalm 144 Wedding II Compact
Praise the name of the LordPsalm 148 Wedding Listen to Psalm 148 Wedding
Psalm 148 Wedding Compact

Gospel Acclamations

PDFs and MP3s
SettingSheet MusicSound
Number 3Anyone who lives in love I Listen to Anyone who lives in love I
Number 5Anyone who lives in love II Listen to Anyone who lives in love II
Number 2As long as we love one another Listen to As long as we love one another
Number 2Everyone who loves Listen to Everyone who loves
ClockGod is love Listen to God is love

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