Music for Next Sunday

Sung Psalms and Acclamations

by Kate Keefe

Let the people praise you, O God; let all the people praise you

Here are some examples of Kate singing her settings of the Psalms from the UK/Ireland Lectionary. We hope they will encourage you to use the music - whether singing yourself or using the recordings online in this time of trouble, when we must mark Holy Week without going to Church and are sad that we cannot sing together for the time being.

Kate sings Psalms and Responses

Sung psalm setting PDFs and MP3s
Sheet MusicResponseVoice
Psalm 15 3rd Easter A Show us Lord the path of lifeKate sings Psalm 15 3rd Easter A
Psalm 21 Palm Sunday My God my God, why have you forsaken meKate sings Psalm 21 Palm Sunday
Psalm 22 4 Lent A/Sacred Heart C/4 Easter A/16 B The Lord is my shepherdKate sings Psalm 22 4 Lent A/Sacred Heart C/ 4 Easter A/16 B
Psalm 26 7th Easter A I am sure I shall see the Lord's goodnessKate sings Psalm 26 7th Easter A
Psalm 30 Good Friday Father into our hands I commend my spiritKate sings Psalm 30 Good Friday
Psalm 32 5th Sunday A May your love be upon us O LordKate sings Psalm 32 5th Sunday
Psalm 46 Ascension God goes up with shouts of joyKate sings Psalm 46 Ascension
Psalm 65 14th Sunday C/6 Easter A Cry out with joy to God all the earthKate sings Psalm 65 14th Sunday C/6 Easter A
Psalm 103 Pentecost Send forth your spirit O LordKate sings Psalm 103 Pentecost
Psalm 115 Maundy Thursday The blessing cup that we blessKate sings Psalm 115 Maundy Thursday
Psalm 117 Easter Vigil Alleluia Alleluia AlleluiaKate sings Psalm 117 Easter Vigil
Psalm 117 Easter Sunday This day was made by the LordKate sings Psalm 117 Easter Sunday
Psalm 117 Easter 2 A Give thanks to the Lord for he is goodKate sings Psalm 117 Easter 2 A
Psalm 125 St George Those who are sowing in tears will sing when they reapKate sings Psalm 125 St George

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